I’d Play For Free…BUT

Being a musician is a gift and a curse. We make so many people happy through what we do. People LOVE us.

The problem is that we love what we do to a fault. We will do it even though we may not get paid enough to do it. Too many of us get taken advantage of, especially when we are young.

We will do it for free because it is soooooooooo much fun. Especially when you play with great players.

Tonight is one of those kinds of gigs. These players are pretty damn amazing tonight.

The good thing about being older and a well seasoned professional, is that..I don’t play for free no mo. Nope. No way Jose!

Just like an attorney, a CPA or a neurosurgeon like sleepy Ben Carson, I must be paid (or I’ll accept a cabinet position.)

But, this is one of those kinds of gigs.


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