I used to work at several record stores. Back in 1989 or 1990 when I was in DC, I got a cassette from a coworker that he labeled “soothing tunes of doom'”

I still have it.

It had bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Prong, Slayer and Soundgarden. One song on the tape he said held the world record for shortest song ever written. It was called “YOU SUFFER!!!” That was all they said on the entire song. It was like 1 second long- lol!!

He told me to check it Soundgarden live at a place a called the Bayou one night. I saw them and was blown away. There were a whole lot of long haired freaks in the audience. It was a whole other crowd for me, but I got into the band after I saw them.

The next and last time I saw them was in 1996 after their masterpiece “Superunknown” was released.

They made some great music and will be missed. I liked their last release “King Animal” a lot too.

FYI…the lower you hold your guitar, the cooler you are. Look at the bass player! That’s some funny sh*t right there.


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