Four Corners

I first heard about Yellowjackets when I was in college. Back then, Ricky Lawson was playing drums with them. I loved the sound of their music with him, but when Will Kennedy joined the group, their sound totally changed. I fell in love with the album “Four Corners” and love listening to it to this day. It’s truly a fantastic album and it brings me back to the late 80’s when I used to run to the record store to buy CDs.

It was such a thrill to know when your favorite groups put out new music, you could only pick up two or three albums at the most. There were things to consider – you had to take the time to go the store, decide which our the 5 new albums you were to choose from and actually pay a whole lot of money for the physical product you were walking out the store with.

That has all changed now. I prefer the way it is now because access to music has never been easier. I still pay for access (though Spotify) and hope that the artists made a good deal with their master, I mean label, to get paid well. I also hope Google is paying this group for what you are doing right now, watching their performance and listening to their songs…for free? Hmmmm. Do you feel bad now?


Well, if you feel guilty, go out to your local record store and purchase their first 10 CDs (like I already did) and you’ll see how great they are. Or maybe you can go to Amazon and buy them. Wait….maybe you can pay for access and stream their music!

Whatever you decide to do, sit back and enjoy some incredible melodies and musicianship.


I love this period from them. This is a great group of players:

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