Hard Living In The Big Easy: Housing Costs Push Musicians Out Of New Orleans

“Jazz vocalist John Boutté feels he can no longer afford to live in his hometown of New Orleans. He’s not alone. Rising housing costs are pushing many musicians and service workers — the backbone of New Orleans’ tourism economy — further and further outside the city limits. This suburbanization of the working class poses more than an inconvenience: It’s fraying the culture of New Orleans and splintering the “very neighborhoods that have nurtured the city’s music for decades.”

This sounds just like what New York has turned into.

Well, I’m glad I had a chance to experience New York and the music scene at its tail end before it became unaffordable. I’m here strictly now for the MONEY and not necessarily the culture. I guess I need to get back to NOLA before it turns completely into Disneyland like Times Square is now. #ugh

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