Aretha Franklin and her bag full of cash

I had a rehearsal yesterday with a singer named Vaneese Thomas. She is the eldest daughter of Rufus Thomas.

She is one bad ass singer and I am playing a gig with her on Sunday. Come down and check us out. We’ll be playing at 6PM HERE

She knows EVERYBODY in the biz. During a break in the rehearsal, she told the musicians in the band yesterday a short story about Aretha Franklin. She told us that she, like many other musicians who probably have gotten taken advantage of in the past,  gets paid in CASH at the end of the gig. A big ass bag full of it. I think she’s been doing it since the 60’s. Aretha has the bag-o-cash put under the piano at the start of the gig and takes it at the end.

You know the gig is over when you see her, or somebody pick up the bag and go off stage. I didn’t think it was real, but I saw no reason not to believe her. Why would she lie? Well, look at the video at the 3:00 mark. PROOF!

Check it out. Aretha is like, “I got my money and I’m GONE!!”

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