People that were part of any musical movement at its beginnings might not be quite happy to see it blossom into a massive corporate behemoth. Well, it will happen with anything that has the potential to make lots of people lots oof cash.

I remember being so happy seeing the screening of the movie AfroPunk many years back thinking that there was finally a document of the people that think out of the box like I did.

While I didn’t dress like my fellow alternative black rock/punk/ska/reggae/funk brothers and sisters, musically I was all in.

I haven’t been able to attend any of the Afropunk festival weekends because I’ve been working or away. I see that this year was just as good as the other years and it’s getting bigger.

The culture isn’t necessarily yours to keep and more people will come to it and absorb all of its goodness. The vulture corporations will take what they can and leave the crumbs for others. It is just how the game is played.

For now, enjoy it. I wish I was there!

Meanwhile..I heard Fishbone, Living Colour and Bad Brains got together. What an all star team!



Look at that mosh pit in this video at about 1 minute in!!!

The one and only time I was on stage and made the crowd that crazy was the last time I was about 3 inches away from being a rock star. A band I was in opened up for Creed in 1998. After our third song in, the lead singer of our band asked, “So…how are we were doing?” The crowd erupted in a massive cheer. I counted off our fourth song and the mosh pit had begun. It was incredible.

What’s even more incredible is seeing Cory and Angelo together…singing a BAD BRAINS TUNE!!! Man, I need to find a band to play some heavy music with agian. Hey, if Dr. Know and them can do it at their age, I’m not too old….I guess.

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