2010 Tony Awards – Memphis Th Musical

7 years ago I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to perform at the Tony Awards with the cast and musicians of Memphis The Musical

It was incredible to see so many celebrities walking past me backstage. It was even more mind blowing when the curtain opened and 6,015 people were about to watch us perform on the stage at Radio City.

I’ll never forget glancing out into the audience and seeing a packed theater. As I was taking it all in, I glance out into the front row and see this sexy ass woman sitting next to an average looking dude in the front row.

I looked out from the stage and was like, “who is THAT?!”

Then I realized it was Beyoncé.

Next to them was a really good looking couple (Will Smith and Jada). I almost got distracted with those four looking up at us waiting to see what were gonna do.

2 seconds after seeing them and realizing they were watching me instead of the other way around, I look straight ahead and see the red light from the TV camera that was pointed directly at me. I think to myself that I’m about to be on national TV!!

Then we did our thing.

We go to the after party and our show won best musical.

It was a great night and the continuation of an almost three year run.

I wish all of my colleagues who are performing tonight or who are part of shows this year the best! It is a lot of fun being part of the broadway community, especially during Tony Award season.


(See ya’ll next year!!! Hopefully)

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