One of the best things about my job is that I get paid to do something I love. Then on top of that, I get to travel around the country and the world…on someone else’s dime! 

I was just talking to my girlfriend today about traveling and we spoke about how so many people never get to see other parts of the world other than their small town. 
I gotta say, find a way to see things. We live in an amazing county. It truly BEAUTIFUL! Especially when you get past the Midwest. The Rocky Mountains to me, are fascinating. The same applies with the southwest and the northwest. So much to see. 
I still think southern CA is my favorite part of the USA. I’ll be back there at the end of the month subbing for the drummer on the Motown the Musical tour. I can’t wait!
Oh…I haven’t even begun talking about other parts of the world yet! Get out there folks. It’s a wonderful world. 

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