Tick Tick BOOM! – Therapy from 2001

This was my first theater show in New York. It was an Off-broadway show called “Tick Tick BOOM!” It was such a good show but was cut short due to the fact that the Jane Street Theater was right below 14th Street in Manhattan. A lot of the business in that area were affected by the aftermath of 9/11.

One crazy bit of trivia about this show, our album release date was 9/11/01 – ‘tick tick boom” – Not good.

It was a sad few months afterward. We could smell the horrible smoke from our theater, plus we could see the buildings if we looked out from the upper floor of the dressing rooms. We closed a few months after the terrorist attack.

The show…it was really well made and a lot of fun to play. I met a lot of great people as well.

I’m glad someone got a bootleg of this tune. It was one of my favorites:

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