The World’s Greatest Drummer

I just got off the phone with my father this morning. He told me that he had a dream about me last night.

He said that he and I were at a Sting concert in some arena and we were sitting in the front row. Sting stopped the show after a song looked down at us and said to everyone in the audience, “ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest in the house….Clayton Craddock, one of the world’s greatest drummers!”

My father said that he couldn’t remember if Sting asked me to come up on stage and sit in with the band. He said he was so proud that his son got shouted out by someone like Sting in front of so many people.

I’m glad that in his dream Sting didn’t ask me to sit in. I’m sure the next song would have been something like “Seven Days.”

No thanks Mr. Sting! I’ll just watch the actual world’s greatest living drummer play-Vinnie Colaiuta:



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