The Get Fresh Crew

We started our day by checking out the very beginning of Bronx Week.

Unfortunately, very few people were there at 10:30 in the morning.

We left and stopped in midtown, then went to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, then late, came up to Harlem and then rode back to 205th street in da Bronx.

We tried to get there in time to see Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh perform.

We missed them by about 5 minutes.

We did manage to work our way through the crowd. As you can see, my little man was pretty excited to meet Mr. Fresh, and it looks like he was trying to catch up with my son. I guess Doug was wondering why a little kid was excited to meet him.

My daughter really wanted to meet MC Slick Rick. I turned her on to the song “Children’s Story” many years ago and like just about everyone else who hears that song, they get into it.

Fortunately for me, she l likes classic hip-hop and knows the best stuff from the 80’s like Doug and Rick’s music.

Slick Rick was too busy for photos with the crowd so he stayed backstage. It’s all good. We did get a glimpse of him.
It’s cool to see my kids meet famous people and get star struck to a certain degree.

I think back to when these two were making classic music. I looked up to them back in the day. I still do because they are incredibly talented, but then I think about how they are the exact same age as me! I’m like, wait…what was I doing with my life when they were making their mark on the music world? I guess I was too busy trying to be in the 9-5 world.

Oh well. I’m glad I’ll never go back to that again. I found my stride in my late 30’a and 40’s.

It was cool to see my kids so excited to be around people I think are great from my generation.

Maybe they’ll tell their friends about this cool rap music from the 80’s that is better than this mumble rubbish they have out now.

I’m an old man. Give me my oldies but goodies!


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