The Foreign Exchange

I found this group while searching for new music this week. I often use platforms like Spotify to discover new sounds.

I LOVE Spotify. I really do. It’s almost like going into a record store with hundreds of thousands of albums ready to be listened to at a moments notice.

When we actually had record stores many years ago, we could look at the album covers, look at the personnel, see who produced the artist and even possibly listen to parts of a certain album if the store had an open copy if a customer wanted a quick listen.

Nowadays, I don’t know what people do. I tend to rely on social media for tips on who to check out. I also browse through Spotify on a regular basis.

Well, I found this group in my search and I’m glad I did. I like their sound and their vibe. It’s music for people like me.

This track reminds me of some old Rick James song. Check it:


“Tales is an R&B album for grown-ups. That is to say, there is no faux-Aaliyah whisper-singing, no trap percussion or EDM synths, and definitely no songs dedicated to strippers. Instead, there are moments of tender love, celebratory tunes, and sultry duets on a record that effortlessly toggles between past and present, referencing the danceable R&B of the ’80, and the neo-soul of the ’90s and 2000s, yet comes off as fresh as any of today’s contemporary soul music.”

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