The Beatles: Eight Days A Week Documentary

I saw this documentary on the plane to the west coast yesterday. This was really interesting to see.

I knew how huge the Beatles were but never understood how crazy Beatlemania was. I totally understand why they chose to quit playing live. It was really out of control.

I think they were a more interesting group musically after that anyway.

I must say, they did kick ass when there performed live together. They had years of training before they became popular and knew what it took to be a great band.

Ringo!! Man, I underestimated his power and overall style. The dude could play!

I’m glad I had a chance to watch it. I think the only other crazy phenomenon to occur in the pop music biz in the years after them was Michael Jackson and the Thriller period.

Will there be another period where we have more Beatles/MJ madness? We’ll see.



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