Paul Hines

Paul Hines. He’s been one of my favorite drummers for over 30 years…and I never knew it.

I heard from a colleague recently that the drummer on the songs below is a guy named Paul Hines. My friend was listening to the song “Chains”  and told me that he felt that Paul is one the most underrated drummers of the early 80’s . I had to search the web for a while to figure out who he was talking about. I found out that Paul was on many recordings druing my formative years as a musician.

I used to play along to these songs for hours when I was a teenager. I’d go into my parents’ basement, put on my headphones and play along to these albums until I wore out the vinyl.

I was drawn to this style of playing because I found it tasteful, fun, cool, and interesting. There is some great musicianship on these albums and I feel that Paul’s drumming is truly an integral part of these tunes.

Paul also played on the albums “Lady T” and “It Must Be Magic” (on the song Square Biz) by Teena Marie too. What a great drummer:

Check out these two songs. CLASSICS!





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