I realize that I am blessed. I am a musician. What I do makes you feel good, sad, elated, angry or any one of a number of emotions. What I do moves your toes, feet, back or entire body. It evokes memories of past events and creates new ones daily. What I do puts smiles on your face. You hear it every day even though you don’t realize it. You may be on the subway, in your car, at just about any store, watching tv or just walking down the street. What I do affects your daily life.

I’m blessed to be a part of unique people that absolutely love what they so and sometimes do it without expecting to get paid. It’s just who we are.

What musicians do is not easy. It takes decades to learn how to effectively learn our craft. It takes years of serious practice. Some of us, like jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins still practice even in our 9th decade of life. Music is a lifelong passion and I’m glad I found it around the age of 6.

Seeing my cousin’s shiny sparkle kit in his basement was a life changing experience. I asked my parents to get it for me and they did. I haven’t stopped playing drums ever since then.

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