No Day But Today

In 2007 while I was subbing for Jeff Potter, I looked out at the audience and asked my self, “How cool would it be to have my OWN Broadway show where I was on stage playing great music. I’d be in heaven.”

Well, two years later, I was as close as it can get to the mountaintop. I was playing for the TONY Award winning musical Memphis. I loved every single minute of Memphis. A little under a year after we opened, I got the chance to be on TV at the TONY Awards in Radio City.

I never got tired of it. Playing drums for a living, really enjoying your co-workers and that paycheck is not a bad life to be living.

But, it was Jeff who gave me the chance to play my first broadway show.

Rent had a great cast, great music and I actually got top play pretty heavy stuff. I honestly don’t like the typical show tune. It’s just not for me. But RENT? Hell yeah!!!

I learned a lot about Broadway during these years and I’m so fortunate to have played a small part in the history of this show.

I didn’t see the final show but went to the after party. It is nice to see all of the familiar faces.


Maybe I need to start thinking about the next perfect gig. Is Lenny Kravitz still gigging…on the beach in southern California for like 30 more years?


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