Nirvana and 90’s Rock – Bill Burr

I worked in record stores from around ’88-’92. I heard everything that came out during these years.

When people came in and bought up all of the NWA cassettes we had in stock I wondered what the hell was going on. I refused to listen to it because of that stupid name.

When I finally checked it out I got it. The first song on the album was all you needed to hear to understand NWA. This was the death of the older school of hip-hip and the beginning of a darker period of rap.

Nirvana was the same way.

Week after week we would have to re-order that album in all formats becuase it was such a phenomenon. I didn’t get it at first, but after a few listens, it grew on me.

I was into Lenny Kravitz, Bad Brains, Living Colour, Fishbone, EMPD, Big Daddy Kane, Seal and semi underground music at the time. I was introduced to a new band called Soundgarden during these years too.

Plus, I was in a band that was trying to “make it” on our own during those years so we were trying to write music we wanted to hear.

Nirvana sure changed the game.

What band or bands are changing the game today? Who is making an impact on music and culture in 2017?

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