Listening to Meshuggah gets me in the mood to play showtunes


It’s been a while since I’ve played a Wednesday matinee. Well, in order to properly prepare myself for the rigors of a Broadway musical, I listen to Meshuggah. It puts me in the mood for showtunes.

Actually, I had to BLAST their new album in my earphones because I have to ride the subway…it is midday and I’m kinda forced to ride it.

At 96th street on the 1 train, 4 dudes get on and we’re about to yell out “SHOWTIME!!!”

Luckily, a woman got on with a couple of suitcases and wasn’t budging from the center pole. Thanks lady!!

Meshuggah has been releasing the same album for years, but I love their version of math metal. It’s heavy, aggressive and really gets me in the right headspace to deal with the enourmous amounts of BS people deal with on their commute to work.

We’ll see if it helps today while I am playing at The Color Purple today.

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