John Blackwell Sleepy Night – Drum Solo

One of the hundreds of reasons why I like his playing is his use of dynamics. Why start every solo at 10!?!
Slow burn…build it up and dazzle the audience with tricks and fast playing later. No one other than fellow musicians know how complex the rhythm is. The lister wants to be entertained. I feel it is much cooler when you can start from one place and take the listener somewhere else.
And once again, count your blessings. Many of us musicians are given a talent to make people happy. John made millions of people happy through his drumming with Cameo, Patti Labelle and dozens of others – also for 16 years he brought us so much joy with Prince.
John is one of the most groovin’ drummers you’ll ever hear. I wish him a speedy recovery. We need more like him.

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