I’m getting a divorce-from rap music

Seriously…if you didn’t know who was rapping on this album, would you say this is an amazing record? I don’t know…

I am still trying, but just should admit that rap and I had a 14 year love affair and are finally officially getting divorced. I was hanging in and thinking that it would be best if I try to support rap but rap just keeps disappointing me.

I’m keeping everything that was earned in the union from 1979-1993. Anything after that can be given back to the rap game.

There were a few big gains over those years but I think I got the better of the deal.

I can’t…I can’t listen to rap. I really want to like it but I get depressed when I listen to rappers in 2017.

That look you see on his face here in this image? That’s me when I listen to this album. I say “damn” after I’m done listening to stuff like this.

I have outgrown our relationship. It’s not you it’s me!


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  1. I think you may need to seek out smaller, independent artists’.
    It’s the same with any music (pop, rock, jazz, heavy metal) in the past 15-20 years, anyone that you hear in a normal, modern music presentation format, most likely won’t be quality cutting edge interesting and original. Find an alternative source. There are really talented young people popping up these days.

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