Gospel/Worship Music

imageI’ve been playing “worship” music every week for about a year. I really didn’t know about Hillsong and other artists like them. It’s different than “gospel,” I guess. I see that workship music is less soulful and gospel is as full of soul as you can get.
Worship music requires less notes from the drummer (thank goodness) and gospel, well…there is a lot of chops.

I’ve been searching for new music and looked into these WOW Gospel albums to hear new music. There is a whole lot of great gospel music still being made.

I am noticing that instead of all of the black singers and musicians being on the pop charts, they are all in church. Imagine what it would be like if someone could actually create bands from the amazing musicians and singers from church (like we’ve done for decades before the 80’s). I would love to see a bunch of young black men and women playing the same instruments that they play in church but on a stage in a club, theater or big stage like MSG.


Why do young kids of other ethnicities play together,  put out albums and play places like the Bowery Ballroom and Irving Plaza but black kids don’t?


This song is mighty FUNKY by the way..

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